The Final Countdown

So this has been quite the semester! I honestly didn’t think I would ever learn the graphic design part of public relations because I’m definitely more of a writer and planner, but here I am! The format of the class was really simple to navigate and understand. That was really helpful because some of our tasks were more difficult, so I was glad to have an easy class format. Depending on the week, I don’t believe journaling was absolutely necessary every time. Overall, I do think it was a great way to air out concerns and get feedback from our professor and sometimes our peers.

I thought writing for a public audience made this class more enjoyable and more realistic. It was like gaining real world experience while in the classroom. (Well technically not the classroom since we’re online, but you know!) I feel like this class has made me want to dive in to editing graphically now. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun and I hope I keep at it during my time in grad school!

As for the summary of learning, I had a hard time figuring out where to start. I first, wanted to do a video, but my editing skills were trash and it looked so broken up. It was awful. So then I saw the book option and thought about making mine on Canva. I took my PR Pubs experience and made it into a book based off of Spongebob characters. It was a lot more lighthearted and fun, and I really enjoyed it once I found my sense of direction!

Sometimes fitting in isthe only thing that matters. (7)

Summary of Learning

I’m thinking about doing a video about why PR Pubs is important to use through a Jimmy Neutron brain blast. I will edit a video of Jimmy Neutron and kind of make it a black and white, silent type film. I will just need to put together a script and the plot for what Jimmy will be doing.

Memory Lane

I think that I have grown more comfortable with the creative process of public relations. I don’t know why, but starting with new creative programs made me really nervous because I’m not a creative, but more of a writer. The first project, the business card, was actually a lot better than I expected, especially for the first time I’ve ever done anything in Adobe. The project I wish I would’ve put a bit more effort into was the direct mailers. I hate Photoshop because it was really hard to learn and didn’t make much since, so I just tried to put something together quickly.
The Canva social media posts were my absolute favorite part of the class. I think I enjoyed that so much because it was with a client I had a real connection with and I got to play around with fashion, which I loved.

As a PR practitioner, I feel like I have grown because I know how important it is to take risks. I’ve also learned that a lot of things take a learning curve so it’s okay not to know everything about everything when starting out. Taking the time to learn about things and gain skill over time is the best way to grow and accomplish new goals.

To Infinity and Beyond….

For my blog, I don’t really plan on using it for jobs or internships. I plan on redesigning it and reflecting on my law school journey. I feel like reflecting on the process ahead will hold me accountable to do things quicker and more precisely. I also think blogging might be a therapeutic hobby as well. I think I would fill out an about me page telling readers who I am and what my goals are. I also want to include tabs for fashion and health as well. So I guess this would be my own personal lifestyle blog, just to express my thoughts throughout this crazy process in my life!

Newsletter Check!

This week, we worked on finishing our newsletters. My company was Disney so with all the new movies coming out, I focused on one in particular: Coco. I found two articles dealing with the movie coming out and the concept behind the movie.

I had to change my layout a bit but it wasn’t too difficult to do since I’m getting more comfortable with Indesign. With this project, I feel more confident in what I created just because I played with it for a long time and feel good about the final product. I feel like I used a traditional Disney theme with the starry background and Disney font for my newsletter. Majority of the public knows those aspects to be Disney related and would associate that to the brand. Overall, I feel like it was a pretty good week!


I enjoyed this week’s assignment. I thought it was fun and it brought back my magazine dreams from my childhood. I set my layout up as a magazine interview like in Teen Vogue or Seventeen. It has pictures and pull quotes in unique areas versus a more straightforward and basic layout.

The fortune 500 company I chose was the magical world of Disney! Who doesn’t love Disney? If anyone HATES Disney, I question that, but to each their own.

The dummy layout was a throwback to the first week of class, so it was just a refresher. For this, I chose the starry night Disney theme for a border. It is all aligned with that “most magical place on earth” theme. I didn’t really find the dummy layout to be too difficult, but I’m excited to put together the full newsletter later on. Hopefully it’s as pretty as I envision it to be in my mind!


I’d like to start out by saying that Canva is my favorite program we’ve used so far.

This week I chose my favorite retailer to do social media posts on: Nasty Gal. Nasty Gal is for women 16-25 with edgier styles and their social media pages are killer! They are extremely image based and use very little wording on their posts. I hope I conveyed their look with my social media examples. I modeled my posts after theirs, keeping everything very image based.

I feel like I had a lot more freedom with my company and I feel like Canva is great for creative content because of their different layouts and things of that nature. I’ve known people to create extremely nice resumes. I also have a friend that uses Canva for promotional content and it looks great. I think the layouts make Canva very appealing. Overall I had a lot of fun with Canva! Here are some of my creations below!


Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been working with OU Recruitment. I actually messed up the very beginning of this assignment because of the way I interpreted the assignment, but then I got it figured out.

The matrix part of the assignment was kind of confusing in the beginning, but the construction of the matrix and what we were being asked to do became clearer as I broke the assignment down in parts. Doing the matrix reminded me of creating personas for PR and advertising campaigns, which is my favorite part of any campaign.

Doing the direct mailers in Photoshop was a lot different. I watched several different YouTube videos about Photoshop and I feel like I still didn’t quite get the hang of it. If I had to pick between Photoshop and Indesign, I’d pick Indesign because it looks more natural. I talked with some of my friends and I found that if you like Photoshop, you typically don’t like Indesign and vice versa. If I could do anything differently, I would have watched the Photoshop tutorial a couple of more times and tried to play around with it versus jumping right into Photoshop to create my direct mailers.

I actually changed my designs from the beginning as well/ I feel much more confident in the ones that I’m turning in this week versus last week. Hopefully that shows in my work!


My second stakeholder is defined by the fact that these students have finished their current education and are looking for their next step, as opposed to my primary stakeholder, the students, who are making their first decisions at higher education.

My design has changed from last week because my stakeholder has changed from the parents to two year college students. I think that’s another way to recruit more students who are serious about their getting an education.

The main difference I have noticed between Photoshop and Indesign is that Photoshop uses layers to do each step, which is frustrating. The layers are helpful when monitoring details, but doing everything layer by layer was confusing at first. It’s easier to situate typography in Indesign and you can use pages in Indesign. I think it takes practice to get better at each program. Hopefully playing around with both improves my skills!


My second stakeholder would be two year junior or community colleges. Potential students would be located there and they will be interested in continuing their education and wanting to go to a four year university. Ages would vary between 20-24 and every gender would be represented. These students would have a GPA of 3.00 and higher.