Typography Games!

I had a bit too much fun with this activity; I mean it’s not everyday you get to play games as an assignment! My favorite game on this list was the Type Connection game. I enjoyed matching the fonts as if I was a real matchmaker! I also learned a lot about planning from that game because it teaches you why fonts compliment each other. That is definitely a good skill to have when picking fonts for infographics, invitations or website renovations. I thought that the Movie Poster Quiz game was fun because it’s interesting to see how you can identify movies based off of the font of their title. I was definitely not good at recognizing many of them, but it shows how important association is when it comes to brands or products. Shoot the Serif was my least favorite game because I wasn’t fast enough during that game, but it taught me to be able to identify serif fonts with ease. It’s important to use serif font in PR. I learned that the hard way in Writing for Mass Media. Overall I thought this was really cool way to learn about fonts and how they are important to public relations.

Professional Portrait

Hi my name is Mariah March! I’m a senior public relations major with a pre-law minor. I love fashion, art and joining new fitness classes. I’m a health nut and just jumped on the meal prepping bandwagon. I’m a huge believer in self love, because being happy with yourself is essential to being confident and bold. Making those bold choices will ultimately help you land where you want to go. All of those things add up to living a fulfilling, happy life! Although I’ve fallen in love with public relations, I’m extremely motivated in making big changes. I have been drawn into sports law due to my avid love of sports and interest in its politics. I hope to make changes that are beneficial not only professional sports, but to collegiate sports as well.