Memory Lane

I think that I have grown more comfortable with the creative process of public relations. I don’t know why, but starting with new creative programs made me really nervous because I’m not a creative, but more of a writer. The first project, the business card, was actually a lot better than I expected, especially for the first time I’ve ever done anything in Adobe. The project I wish I would’ve put a bit more effort into was the direct mailers. I hate Photoshop because it was really hard to learn and didn’t make much since, so I just tried to put something together quickly.
The Canva social media posts were my absolute favorite part of the class. I think I enjoyed that so much because it was with a client I had a real connection with and I got to play around with fashion, which I loved.

As a PR practitioner, I feel like I have grown because I know how important it is to take risks. I’ve also learned that a lot of things take a learning curve so it’s okay not to know everything about everything when starting out. Taking the time to learn about things and gain skill over time is the best way to grow and accomplish new goals.

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